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Cambridge International

We offer Lower Secondary, IGCSE and A Level. We offer Cambridge Curriculum from Grade 2 and classes are conducted everyday from Monday to Friday.


From Grade 2 to Grade 12, Full time teaching and learning with full supporting structures for the maximum Curriculum delivery. Learning is flexible and transport cost is reduced to zero

Matric Re-writes

Adults who want to do Matric Re-write, Matric Upgrade or obtain a Matric Certificate can achieve this by enrolling to our program called Amended Senior Certificate

Why choose our Home School?

Live Virtual Classes

Our best tech ensures that virtual lessons are conducted in such a way that all student's needs are met. Students will enjoy customised virtual classes of which breakway classrooms enables individual student's aptitudes to be taken into considerations

Highly Experienced Educators

We have highly, top educators who are have a very good track record. These educators are responsible for high number of distinctions. Our educators are able to evoke the potential in your child.

Small Classes

Small classes enable customised structured learning for individual students. We understand the learning capabilities of each student by using adaptive learning processes and detailed reporting systems.

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Discounts are applicaple to tuition fees only and only if paid before the time ticker comes to zero.

Fees Summary

*R700 Registration/Placement Fee

Cambridge Full Time (Online)

7 Subjects - R7 000/per month


CAPS Curriculum Full Time (Online)

7 Subjects - R5 500/per month


Matric Re-write (Online)

1 Subject - R2 500/per month


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What the Principal says...

Isaah Jemwa

We are pleased to provide personalized homeschooling options for families, charter schools, corporations, diplomats, and other interested parties. Our offerings include both secular and Christian curricula to cater to diverse educational preferences.It is truly awe-inspiring how intricately and wonderfully we are crafted. Our individual design shapes our identities, learning styles, beliefs, and cognitive processing. By gaining a deeper comprehension of ourselves and those around us, we enhance our ability to inspire and connect with others. SphereHub Axis Home School is under the ownership of SphereHub Axis College, an imaginative and pioneering leader in personalized education and edTech solutions.At SphereHub Axis Home School, we prioritize cultivating a learning environment that fosters individual growth, academic excellence, and character development. Our experienced educators are committed to providing personalized attention and support to each student on their educational journey.Furthermore, our cutting-edge technology and resources enable us to provide innovative and engaging learning experiences for our students.

Why Home Schooling?
  1. Safe learning environment
  2. Eliminates unnecessary competition among peers
  3. Eliminates bullying

Benifits for Home Schooling